Top 5 Facts about the Vw Golf

Top 5 Facts about the Vw Golf

Vw Golf: Did you know these 5 fun facts?


Behind the shadow of the popular “VW Bug” is the VW Golf. It was built as the front-engine version of the Beetle and now one of the most popular models ever. To recognise the importance of this lovely little hatchback, we compiled a list of facts that most of us don’t really know about—until now.

 Here is some fun facts about the Golf no one knew until now !!


  1. The Golf is the 2nd best-selling car model of all time.

 With over 30,000,000 units produced from 1974 to 2013, the VW Golf is the second most sold car in automotive history.

It has even sold more than the popular VW Beetle by over 9,000,000 units.

  1. The Golf GTI was an after-hours side project.

The Golf GTi, which is the “hot hatch” version of the Golf, was conceived after hours by a group of engineers who wanted to make a performance version of the car.

They worked during evenings and weekends to develop the “Sport Golf”. The car made it to production for a limited run of 5000 units but the popularity of the hot hatch took off and to date over 1.9 million Golf GTI units have been sold.

  1. Ever heard of a W12 engine?

 A one-off concept version of the Golf GTI was powered by the baby brother of the Bugatti engine, a W12. Essentially, the W12 engine is two V6 engines bolted together to run as a single power unit.

 volkswagen w12 engine

This particular engine was taken from the Bentley Continental GT that was a 6.0-liter twin-turbo capable of producing a massive 641bhp and 531 lb-ft of torque. That’s some power for a tiny hatchback. It could go from naught to 62mph in 3.7 seconds and had a top speed of 202mph. Sadly, it never came into production.

  1. Nobody is sure where the name “Golf” came from.

First is the theme of naming cars after winds and currents. The Passat (trade wind), Jetta (Jet Stream), Bora and Scirocco (Sirocco) are all names of winds. Golf is close to Gulf Stream which is another popular wind current. Another possible relationship for the name is the sport of Golf which would fit the sports theme that includes the VW Polo and VW Derby. There is no official word on how the name came about.

  1. The Golf Platform is shared by a number of other cars.

The practice of sharing a platform started a long time ago and the VW Golf is no exception.

The Golf uses the VW Group A platform and under the VW brand is has been used by the Beetle (new versions), Jetta, Bora, Scirocco, and Eos. The Group A platform is also used some other notable cars like the Audi TT, Audi A3, Skoda Yeti and SEAT Toledo. All these car brands are under the VW group.

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