9 Ways to keep your vehicle happy


9 Ways to keep your vehicle happy

1. Look after your battery

If you don’t use your vehicle for an extended period of time, your vehicle’s battery will degrade and go flat.
Use a trickle charger when the vehicle is in the garage for a period of time or a battery conditioner if it appears to hold less charge than usual.
Try not to jump start your vehicle as it puts additional stress on the vehicle’s battery and may damage the engine management system and other electronics
To make sure your vehicle’s battery stays fit, drive your vehicle at least once a week, especially in the winter times.

2. Remember to change your filters

Your vehicle’s air filter, pollen filter and oil filter can become blocked over time.
Normally these will be replaced during a Major or an Interval service.

3.Drive slow and steady

Remember to drive your vehicle with respect. Know your vehicle’s pedals, the steering wheel and the gearbox. This will lessen the need to replace parts. It will also spare you fuel.

4. Your Aircon needs to be used

You should use your Air-conditioning before you lose it.
Not using your aircon can lead to your aircon leaking gas more than it should. It can also lead to a financial headache when you need to re-gas your aircon.

7. Top up fluids regularly

Remember that your car is addicted to fluids. Just like humans that needs water to survive, your vehicle also needs fluids. Always remember to check your fuel at least every second week. When checking the oil remember that your vehicle needs to be on level ground.
Your coolant should also be checked regularly. When topping up remember to use 50% antifreeze and 50 % distilled water.

8. Your tyres can save your life, check it

Always check your tyres, as it can safe your life and also your money. Under inflated tyres can cause more fuel consumption. Your tyre pressures are normally in the driver’s side door.

9. Service your vehicle when it needs to be serviced

Servicing your vehicle regularly keeps your vehicle healthy and in excellent shape.