Anti-Lock Brake System

Video credit: Amarok South Africa Youtube Channel Over the years, the braking system on some vehicles has become more complicated and improved drastically to ensure better safety for both the driver and passenger. Modern braking systems also reduce the risk of car accidents. The Anti-Locking Brake system, or better known as ABS, was invented to […]

Common Reasons for Oil Consumption on your Vehicle

We all know that engine oil is the most important lubricant in your vehicle. Engine oil is used to lubricate internal engine parts which are in constant friction. With time, engine oil is being consumed by some parts and it gets very dirty. It is then very important to have regular services done and to […]

Why is there oil in the airfilter?

The air filter on most modern combustion engines is located inside the air intake housing, which is installed on the top of the engine. It is attached to the fuel injection system (or a turbocharger) and designed to efficiently transport air into the fuel system to be mixed before it enters the combustion chamber. The […]

Your vehicle’s battery system

As the engine provides only mechanical energy, it does not generate electricity. So, we need a power source which produces electricity to power all the electrical accessories in your car.  Your vehicle’s battery and electrical system might be one of the most complicated systems in your vehicle. Its main purpose is to provide an electric […]

The importance of regular vehicle service & repair

There are so many reasons why people neglect or postpone their car service but often the reasons are money and time. We might have time but no finances available. Here are some reasons why it is important to service your vehicle when necessary. Accidents cost money When it comes to safety you simply can’t put […]

Replace Parts In Pairs: Why is it recommended?

Over the years we have had numerous instances where we advised customers to replace certain parts in pairs. More often than not we get asked why we need to replace something if only one side is worn or even broken. In this short article we will explain why it is so important to replace critical […]

Scheduled Maintenance = Fuel Economy

As the effects of the rising fuel price are being felt daily, it’s important to understand why scheduled maintenance is more important than ever. Services carried out with quality parts can pull on the pocket strings, especially if the service needed is more expensive than you originally anticipated but rest assured there is good reason […]

Is your vehicle running rich?

When your vehicle runs rich it means that the engine is receiving too much fuel and not enough air. This can cause a high fuel bill as well as damage to some parts, for example the catalytic converter. Some of the Cause may be: 1. A MAF sensor that is faulty. This sensor calculates the […]

9 Ways to keep your vehicle happy

1. Look after your battery If you don’t use your vehicle for an extended period of time, your vehicle’s battery will degrade and go flat. Use a trickle charger when the vehicle is in the garage for a period of time or a battery conditioner if it appears to hold less charge than usual. Try […]

12 Do’s and Don’ts For Car Owners

Modern cars are complex machines and it’s normal for components to wear out with use. If you use your car carefully, it will give you good performance throughout its life. Rough use will reduce performance and increase your trips to the garage. These tips will save you money and help you get the most out […]